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1. How to register

Welcome friends of South Berkshire Hockey Club.

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Our website is not only the public online presence for our club but the central database for all club membership information. If you do not register and apply for membership through the process below you will not be able play, coach, umpire or volunteer in some way for the club.

We would now like to invite all previous members and contacts of the club to register for the following membership categories.

Club Member - This membership is also for those that wish to volunteer, but not play, or join as a parent of a player, such as umpires, team managers and other officials. As administrative roles are assigned we will upgrade your online membership profile to reflect your role as a club official.

Players - this membership is for those who will play hockey, including adults, juniors, minis, and vets. Only children 14yrs or older can register and then apply for Player membership themselves.

Parent - this membership is for anyone who needs to apply for membership for their children. All children under 18 must be rely on their parent or guardian to apply for Parent membership and then add their children as players. It is recommended that parents of new players also contact to check for space in the age group. Children over 14 can also register their own Pitchero account and be associated with their Parents. Only parents can provide Safeguarding declarations for their children when they participate in adult hockey.

For more detailed instructions please read this article.

How parent members can add an additional child.

  1. Login and Click your profile and select "Your Account” (or “My Account” if using the mobile app)
  2. Select “Manage Roles” (or "My roles” if using the mobile app)
  3. Next to “Parent of”, click “Manage”
  4. Click "Add Child”
  5. Search for the name of an existing child if you are second parent/guardian trying to gain management of your child, and click “Apply”, or if you are adding a new child, click “click here” to add a new member.
  6. Enter the First and Last name of the child and select the team you expect them to play for typical is based on age.
  7. You will see that the new child is now “pending” and will require approval before you can go to step 8.
  8. After approval is received login and go back to “Your account”, to select the new child and update their membership details.

For those of you that have been a member in previous years, you need not re-apply, but you must check your information is accurate, including making the necessary mandatory declarations for data privacy, media permission, fitness and code of conduct.

Please ensure you also complete your Gender and DOB accurately so that we may assigned you to the correct team.

We store personal information on you and for that we need your explicit permission. If existing members do not provide explicit approval. If permission is not received by September 1st we may remove your existing registration details requiring you to re-apply for membership.

If subscription fees are not received before 1st October your membership status may be downgraded.

If you wish to be removed from our membership and website please email our

Note: please do not choose the Team Admin, Webmaster or Supporter membership options.

Rejected Membership - If you application is rejected you are likely to have done the following:

  • You registered as a child and the child is u14.
  • You are a parent and you registered yourself as a player for a junior team.
  • You did not complete the necessary member and player declarations.

What happens next?
You membership application will be reviewed and approved within a few days.

You can update your membership information here once you have logged in.

If you have not previously registered please do so here.

Following registration you will be asked to confirm you email address. If you do not do so you may miss important private or targeted updates to members.
Your email address can be changed but you will again be asked to confirm the new address.